Extra Pekoe and The Barfly Drummers – Air Balloons Also Rise

out on october 28

Extra Pekoe and The Barfly Drummers – Air Balloons Also Rise Extra Pekoe and The Barfly Drummers – Air Balloons Also Rise

The Barfly Drummers (eponymous album) OUT NOW

The Barfly Drummers

The Barfly Drummers (eponymous album) OUT NOW The Barfly Drummers (eponymous album) OUT NOW

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Extra Pekoe and The Barfly Drummers – Air Balloons Also Rise

By V

After releasing a first eponymous album, the Barfly Drummers are joined by Extra Pekoe (producing), and Mike Ladd (voice) to release a second album which will be out on October 28th.

Here’s a quick taste of it:

The Barfly Drummers also have a live set ready to rumble!

stay tuned…

The Barfly Drummers (eponymous album) OUT NOW

By V

The Barfly Drummers’ first album is now out!

many thanks to all of those who supported this project.

Next step is the release of « Air Balloons Also Rise » produced by Extra Pekoe and featuring Mike Ladd

Cheers to the Barfly Drummers!

By V

After releasing 2 LPs as Two Left Ears as well as one EP as himself, Extra Pekoe along with the Barfly Drummers prepare a double LP for this very end of the year.

A first eponymic LP is to be released on October the 14th:


The Barfly Drummers is a five-headed band led by Gregory Lodé (DRUMS) / Cedric Ben’Houz (DRUMS) / René Arnault (DRUMS) / Extra Pekoe (BEATS) / Fanch Bourhis (BEATBOX)

« The Barfly Drummers » LP is a mix of sci-fi, cinematographic 9-tracks organic electronica orchestrated by the most cinema enthusiastics of the band. Already one track can be listened on their bandcamp:


Along with this release « Air Baloons also rise » will take the plunge around this year’s end. This project led this time by Extra Pekoe and the Barfly Drummers will count no fewer than 17 tracks.

here’s a taste of it

The five men behind this double-LP project will gather in one single live project, from which you’ll hear some news around spring 2014!

Laybell is proud and happy to welcome the Barfly Drummers into the collective.
Prepare to get some of the most exciting records we’ve ever released!

Last but not least, you can already PRE-ORDER both albums, along with some Laybell goodies on Kiss Kiss Bank Bank.
Feel free to support this amazing project here: http://www.kisskissbankbank.com/the-barfly-drummers

Also, stay up to date with https://www.facebook.com/TheBarflyDrummers


Ce n’est qu’un Au Revoir

By V

After releasing no fewer than 3 EPs and 1 LP on Laybell, Shiko Shiko has now joined the great record label Platinum Records (Rubin Steiner, Rich Aucoin, Arch Woodman, Motorpsycho, Presidentchirac, The Delano Orchestra + many many more artists)

Shiko Shiko have been part of Laybell since its very beginning, and will always be part of it as members of the collective, but will release their work only on Platinum from now on. Still, they keep on touring from time to time with Benoît & Olivier from Luminocolor, offering even more mad performances

Yet, joining Platinum Records offers Shiko Shiko more room to spread their pterodactyl wings and thus continue their musical journey: they are now working on a second LP!

We wish them all the best and much success to the Platinum team!

If you haven’t yet, don’t forget to follow them closely on

https://www.facebook.com/shikoshikoband and get a chance to live amazing explosions in your mind by checking http://shikoshiko.tv/gigs !

As end credits, lets listen one more time to all the great stuff they have released on Laybell: http://laybell.net/shikoshiko


Concert de Cosmic Berry dans une église

By Asako

Dimanche 12 Mai 20h-21h30

Eglise Saint-Merri, 76 rue de la verrerie 75004 Paris

Le prochain concert de Cosmic Berry aura lieu à l’église Saint-Merri dans le quartier du Marais à Paris et sera accompagné de la projection de 4 courts métrages réalisés par Eva Pervolovici dont l’une des bande-son a été composée par Asako Fujimoto/Cosmic Berry.

Si vous êtes dans le quartier, venez découvrir ce lieu exceptionnel qui sera ornementé d’installations visuelles par Flashbacker et Marguerit Lantz.

Voici une vidéo d’une répétition du live de Cosmic Berry.

Tame Impala – Mind Mischief

By Flashbacker

Tame Impala is definitively entering my selection of the bands of which you need to check every single music video they’re releasing. Their new one for the track ‘Mind Mischief’ is just mind blowing!
A really clever direction, awesome animated part which is perfectly integrated to the whole piece… This is the recipe! *EASY*